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Author Topic: MCO has gone GOLD  (Read 4943 times)


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MCO has gone GOLD
« on: October 21, 2001, 01:47:00 PM »

Well, after months of playing MCO BETA online, it has finally been annouced that it has gone GOLD!

First, the monthly fee is $9.99USD.  That might sound like a lot, but it is the same as UO and EverCrack.  There is still alot of debate about the price, and I honestly, would like it to be lower, but I will probably try it out for awhile.

Second, if you have played the game, you have noticed a lack of an type of economy in the game, due to "mulers" (peeps who make 20-50 accounts and transfer goods to one account).  That won't happen in retail.  As of 19 October 2001, the rule is this... 1 account, 3 personas, one in each shard (server).  That means if someone wants to mule, they have to buy 2 copies for 2 registration keys.

Third, how can the game keep you interested was my main concern.  Well, it has.  I love muscle cars, and tinkering with the engine and handling kept me playing for 2 months with no problem.  I also challenged myself to get to higher levels to open new tracks.

Final thought:  I think MCO will be a game for any muscle car fan.  The BETA helped locate and fix many problems, but I'm certain problems will exist in the first couple of months.  The banning of cheaters is nice, but the economy has to work, or people will bail quick.  I think when MCO goes live it will be smoother than WWII online and AnacharyOnline.

If you decide to play, look me up.  I'll be NM Dante (with little changes on other servers).  Just look for the cool guy with the Hemi Cuda!!!!
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