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Author Topic: Cheap POST-code cards  (Read 4589 times)

Hak Foo

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Cheap POST-code cards
« on: October 05, 2010, 11:45:23 PM »

I tend to like the 'non-super-enthusiast' boards (Gigabyte, for example).  But one thing I missed from my 'as-enthusiast-as-a-K8T800-board-could-have-been' Abit AV8 was the POST-code display.  My PC just doesn't have enough self-monitoring.

I recently found that everyone's favourite vendor of random nonsense from Hong Kong, DealExtreme, sells a huge range of them, ridiculously cheap (like starting at USD 3 or so).  I bought a USD14 one which mounts to the back panel of the case, and lets you see the code with the case closed.  Is it sad to say I really bought it to legitimize the order of bootleg One Piece figures I really wanted?  :lol:

Discussion Thoughts:

1)  Most of these cards have an extra four figures devoted to a second 'Qiguan' diagnostic code.  It seems theoretically useful to provide more aggressive diagnostics- any thoughts as to why it hasn't caught on (at least in the West?)  My guess is that it's because the manual which explains the codes is about 10cm x 15cm and virtually illegible. :)

2)  Has anyone else tried one of these cards, particularly as a permanent fitting?  I note some actually have a secondary cabled display as if to anticipate the need.

3)  Wouldn't something like this be a really good use of those no-value x1 slots?  It seems that nobody makes a PCI-E version though.

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