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Author Topic: Core i7 860/P55 or i7 920/X58  (Read 3661 times)


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Core i7 860/P55 or i7 920/X58
« on: September 17, 2009, 06:49:43 PM »

OK, here's the dilemma.  I can get an i7 860 and good P55 mobo for the same price as an i7 920 and a good X58 motherboard.  benchies are split pretty even.  sheer CPU tests tend to favor 920, memory and real world tests tend to favor 860.  In almost no case is the difference more than 2-3% in either direction.

So I'm thinking all else being equal, upgradability is the key.  Do you think Socket 1156 will get 8 core procs with hyperthreading some day or will that be solely the domain of Socket 1366?  Is it better to have a better motherboard or faster clocked processor?  The i7 860 is $30 more than i7 920 but the X58 is $30 more than P55.  The P55 is pretty new with integrated everything.  The X58 motherobards have all this stuff I don't need like CrossfireX and triple SLI support since I only want one video card.  triple channel memory has been proven to be a nonfactor. 

The VERY knowledgable guy (as in I don't know what the hell he was doing at MicroCenter- he should be working for Intel or something) at MicroCenter (which btw is the CHEAPEST place to buy Core i5/i7 procs) said he felt that 860 was the way to go since at stock speed and a single video card, the faster clock and faster Turbo Mode makes up for the lack of all the other stuff the 920/X58 had.

Any opinions on this?  I actually picked up the i7 860 last night, and I have 30 days to decide which of the two ways to go. 

o, and one other factor, 4GB of DDR3 is about $70 and 6GB for the X58's tri-channel is about $100 so I guess i7 920/X58/6GB is $30 more expensive.
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