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Author Topic: Modded Antec 550W, psubus, fanbus, baybus, lights, everything must go! $210  (Read 5390 times)


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Being in and out of the country means having to pay a lot of storage fees. Or having to carry lots of stuff around. As an alternative, I'm trying to sell nearly everything that I own that doesn't fit in two suitcases. Crazy, huh?

I've disassembled my Overkill mod and I'm selling off everything except the case. As I'm leaving again soon, I'd like to sell it as a lot. I don't really need to sell it, or even want to, but it won't fit in the suitcase and I need to travel light and fast.

Here's what you get;

* A modded Antec True Power 550W with PSUbus (allows you to fine tune voltages). It's been modded to fit a shiny silver, white, and blue theme, and has a blue led fan installed. Many of the branches have been trimmed to allow for a modular design that allows users to unplug drives from inside the case rather than at the drive itself where it's harder to reach. The PSU mod involved many many man hours as the pins had to be removed, the tools and materials set me back well over $50 (you have to buy white shrink wrap in bulk). Please see the overkill thread,21534.msg227038.html#msg227038 for additional pics. The PSUbus has also been modified to allow for a fan bus. See pic.

* A fanbus! The knobs are backlit in blue, keeping with the silver/white/blue theme

* A homemade baybus. The bezel is off of a Lian-Li 60. Standard 2 position switches that light additional lights in front to tell you that the lights in the case are on. The more lights, the better. There is also a blacklight led that leads into the case. All the wires are uv reactive (but the effect is diminished by ambient light) as are the three-pin connectors. The wires were cannibalized from custom molex connections. Note that one of the bezel leds is missing and the last one that was there didn't light. It may have been defective or I may have made a miscalculation regarding draw from the 5v supply. See pic and please see the overkill thread,21534.msg227038.html#msg227038 for additional pics.

* Really bright lights! Not least of which is a Kingwin Thunder Cold Cathode. The distinction is important because, even though it's not possible to tell from these pictures, it produces a "lightning effect" (imagine the results from having it sound activated).

* A self-lit sound activation module. The lightning flashes to the beat! Or you can set it for continuous effect. See pic and please see the overkill thread,21534.msg227038.html#msg227038 for additional pics. The Kingwin's, the converters', and the glowstixs' wires have all been modded so that the wires are encased in white shrink wrap.

* 3 blue led-lit fans! You need something to plug into the fanbus right? Like everything else that was store-bought, it has been modded, and the wires have been encased in white shrink-wrap. Even the three-pin connectors were swapped out with blue uv reactive connectors.

Finally, here's a pic of everything you'll rec'v, sans the mobo.

Many man hours went into planning, purchasing, and executing this vision. The lights themselves haven't been used hardly at all as I had to leave the country and put this in storage shortly after its' completion. They have many hours left in them. While it may look like the wires are all a mess sprawled on the desk like that, keep in mind they've been cut tailor-length to fit a Lian-Li 60 and it looks quite clean when finally assembled. Don't bother low-balling, I'm not desperate for the cash, just want to clean out my closet before I leave again.

Again, see the overkill thread,21534.msg227038.html#msg227038 for additional pics.

$210 takes all everything listed (keep in mind the psu was nearly $150 when bought), I'd be willing to sell the matching mobo and keyboard too at an additional price. Shipping weight is appx. 10lbs. Thnx for looking!

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