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Author Topic: Emergency: where to get this internal laptop cable?  (Read 26244 times)


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Re: Emergency: where to get this internal laptop cable?
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2009, 01:11:43 AM »

Hey were you able to Find the cables because i am having the same problem with these cables. But i also need another  cable. If you can please help me my email is ILNYBX@MSN.COM 

I need these to types of Cables...
"AWM E118077 2896 80C VW-1"
"AWM E220709 20798 80C VW-1"

Ok so this laptop has died 3 times under warranty and i can't afford anymore downtime (1 month each time i sent it in) so I decided to check things out myself.  The power button, quickplay, and speakers slowly stopped working so i figured it was the power button or some wires and i immediately found the culprit, this wire was creased and tearing down the side.  I short circuited the wire and my laptop turned on so i knew it was the problem.  I am not about to send the laptop in, where can i get another one of these cables at?

On it, it says "AWM E118077 2896 80C VW-1"

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