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Well, this is my desk. Pretty large in comparison to your average PC desk. Its about 3.5 feet in width for the msot of it. Another bit is about 5 feet in width. The whole thing is about 7.8 feet long. I actually plan to enlarge this desk with another section (its never too big. never). You can also see my machine, though, somewhat blocked by a speaker. The speakers, despite their position, do not interfer with my monitors or my tower. Various mods are being done and have been done. A longer guide detailing everything done to the case will be done when the case is finished. Mods to the desk itself are also in the works. Mostly just to reclaim desk space. Stuff like raising the speakers on stands, moving the tower to a more 'view friendly' location, integrated lighting, etc. But that will all wait until I can afford to start, do, and finish my next big project. Smile

Anyway, I don't like putting comp specs in my sig so I figure this is a good place for them. There are two systems.

System A (Monolith)
Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra2
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.533 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB Corsair XMS DDR PC2700
Video: VisionTek Xtasy Geforce 4 Ti4200
Sound: Onboard AC'97
Storage: 80 GB Western Digital Caviar SE w/ 8MB cache
120 GB Western Digital Caviar SE w/ 8MB cache
60 GB Maxtor Daimond Max Plus w/ 2MB cache
Optical: Helwet Packard CD WriterPlus 9100 8x4x24
Lite-On 16x DVD ROM
Other Cards: Linksys NIC
HighPoint Rocket100 ATA100 IDE Controller
Power: Antec TruPower 430
Other: IBM Active Response Keyboard
IBM Optical Navigator Mouse
Epson Stylus 980. (this is one big printer. shakes the whole desk when on the move at full speed)

I OC this machine to 1.8Ghz

System B (No Name do to lack of case...yea, it jsut sits on my desk)
Motherboard: Asus TUSL2-C
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.1 Ghz
RAM: 64MB Kingston PC133
64MB PNY PC133
256 Kingston PC133
384 Total
Video: IOmagic TNT2 Model 64
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Ensoniq Audio PCI (Output to System A's line in)
Storage: 4.3 GB Western Digital Caviar
13.2 GB Maxtor
Optical: None
Other Cards: Realtek NIC
Power: Sparkle Power 300w
Other: Sony Vaio Keyboard
Sony Vaio Mouse

Network: Linksys BEFSR41 Router
Stratitec 5 Port hub
(To Internet) SpeedStream DSL Modem
These are all attached to the bottem side of the desk. Seeing as nothing but the Stratitec hub had mounts, I resulted in using a temporary solution that involved nails and rubber bands Smile

Displays (From left to right): ViewSonic UltraBrite A90f+ 19 inch Flatscreen CRT
Dell M1991 19 inch CRT
Gateway EV700 17 inch CRT

I've had a few questions about my audio system in the past, so here's a description.

Audio: Aiwa NSX-HMA56 5 speaker system with indivually powered subwoofers. Serves as foward right, left, and center speakers. The rear channels consist of a Boston Acoustics MicroMedia System. Two satilite speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Both systems combined deliver great surround sound. There is only two problems with this setup: First, the speakers take up a good bit of space, and second, I can't use them near full potential. That second bit may seem a little odd but you'd understand if you got alot of noise complaints. I still have my moments when no one is home and I can finally damage my eardrums Smile

As for that "black box" sitting on top of the ViewSonic, thats a Sony DVD player. I use it to test video CDs and MP3 CDs. It will be part of the "big project" mentioned in the intro.

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