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Author Topic: My dealings with Internet Order Companies thus far  (Read 1569 times)


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My dealings with Internet Order Companies thus far
« on: August 04, 2002, 12:05:00 PM »

I've had pretty good luck, i have only been really disappointed and pissed off once. - Out of Michigan, its a very cool company.  Thats where I would order my window kit from again.  They shipped in two days of my order, it cost $3.95 shipping, and they sent with USPS (ships on Saturdays, unlike crappy UPS).  Great company! - I ordered a Fan, GT Case Badge, and window etching.  I was happy with the service, and prices.  But I didnt like their shipping and handling.  It took like 7 days to get the order, and it was expensive compared to the order I made at CrazyPC, like $7 for a long wait on shipping.  Not sure if its directron's fault though.

GIBSON TECH ED/ HOBBYTRON.COM- Out of Utah.  I have been very disappointed with them.  So far it has been 2 weeks, I ordered 2 4'' CCRTs Kits.  First they sent me 2 12'' bulbs, not kits.  I'm still waiting on the kits to arrive, and I'm pretty pissed off at them, it was a simple order and they managed to mess it up.  Hobbytron also doesnt keep up on the UPS tracking e-mail that most places send you.  I got 1 e-mail, nothing about the window molding, and nothing about the 2nd order they sent to me to correct the first.  I was told over the phone that it would arrive on Friday, but it looks like I'll have to wait until monday.

I also ordered window molding from hobbytron, that ended up coming in a seperate shipment, and was actually from, and that was great service, I got the molding in 4 days, and 4 feet for $13.  No complaints there.
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