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Author Topic: Opinions on new build  (Read 4869 times)


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Opinions on new build
« on: August 14, 2010, 08:20:11 PM »

I came here back in 2003 and Learned, and eventually built my PC.  7 years later it's time to do something like it again.  It's not a gamer, mostly intranet radio and network file server duty.  I had a PC I was trying to groom into it, but it will not post (for the cost of it I'm not out anything yet.)  I bought a 1tb Sata drive for it and a cheap old video card.

So far I am thinking of running FreeBSD 8, using it as the DHCP server on my network.  I'll have to find a intranet radio broadcaster (currently running winamp with shoutcast dsp) and a way to share to my Xbox360, but I think I can run stuff in WINE for a temp work around, as well as Itunes.

The hardware is where I'm getting a little hung up.  It's been years since I spec'd a system.  Right now I am looking at cheap Asus boards with Athlon 64 procs.  I'd like to mirror the the TB drive for fault tolerance (either hardware or software mirror).  As of now, Tigerdirect's M2N68-AM and Athlon 64 5200+ is looking good for the money.  Backing it up with 4gb of OCZ DDR2, keeps me in a tight budget.  Suggestions, Detractors?
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