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Author Topic: Dawn of woe!  (Read 6949 times)


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Dawn of woe!
« on: March 03, 2009, 11:56:05 AM »

Ok, so todays rant starts yesterday.

Monday after work - goto game and buy Dawn Of War 2. YAY Happy happy happy Ronin.
Go home and install game only to fail at the serial number. It's wrong. Ok Im having a moment I expect as I have been gagging to play this game for over the last few months. Ok Roger comes in and says that the o is a 0. And then the message appears!

This account is is use by another steam user!
OMFG WHAT PARDON hits the side of teh screen.

So, I go into Game today and the following happens.

T = Thom = Ronin
G = Game ID10T Error
G2 = His buddy.

T: “OK, I am not a happy customer, do you understand that?”

G: Confused look, and looks new.

T: “Right, now when I buy a game from here it is sealed is it not?”

G: “Um, yea.”

T: “OK, so when it has a security seal sticker TWICE around the box, what does that mean to you?”

G: Confused look again.

T: “Ok let me explain my issue, I open up the box, and see that there is some writing on my Manual, and also the key that I enter during install tells me that someone has already used this game. Do you think that you may have sold me a preowned game?”

G: “Um.”

T: “Did you know that this game is NOT allowed to be returned to a shop due to the licence laws set by THQ?”

G: Starting to look a little worried.

T: “You see the one there,” *Looking all shiny and in its rapper. “Pass me that one and I will give you back your invalid game that you sold me.”

G: *Looks towards another member of staff.

G2: Shruggs, nods, in a thought of [“I don’t know”]

G: Takes key and get out another copy from the cabinet and passes me the shiny box.

T: Walks out the store happy bunny, itching to now wait for the end of work to play a game. [ Again ]

Iv3 b33n H4x0r5.



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Re: Dawn of woe!
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2009, 11:07:21 PM »

At least you finally got the shiney you wanted.  I hope the game works this time.
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