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Author Topic: Project INVADED - A Custom Case for Charity (56K Warning)  (Read 7677 times)


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Re: Project INVADED - A Custom Case for Charity (56K Warning)
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2009, 05:53:21 PM »

Small Update.

Lots of progression today...

Continued working on the back plate of the case, added PSU hole, and many 120mm holes, 6 in total

Motherboard Placement.

This part has taken a while to do, mainly because I couldnt work out where it was going, but after solving that bit, making it fit and sit right was the next challenge.

Underside of the Lian-Li motherboard.

The base tray is slightly sunken and my problem to begin with was that the motherboard would be sitting on an angle, which is a big no no, so I had to bring it to an even level so it would sit nicely and look good.

Used 3 x 12mm hollow tubing..

Drilled and riveted it to the motherboard, also making sure it gave clearance to the motherboard at a later stage. And the best thing about this arrangement is that it sits perfectly level, which was a bonus, I had to cut 25mm off the ends, so the rest of the board could slot into place, so when the back plate is permanently attached then I can rivet the motherboard tray to it, which will increase its strength furthermore.


This is the mid-panel, where cables can be thread through and the PSU will sit on and also where the HDD bay will be located.

Cut two slots either side for cable management.


Painted over my polished top panel. This is mostly a test paint to see how it will all tie into every other panel.

(More Photos in the next update on this part).

The right side of the case, I thought required a window of sorts, it wont be like your typical window, where you can look through it to see the case, its more to allow the light that will be inside the case to come out, because the next stage of the mod will be afixing sheets of UV Yellow Acrylic to the overall case.

Added the L shaped alu pieces so the alu sheet can be riveted to it later on.

View from the outside.

View from the inside.

I used a set square to mark and rule my lines, then used a 10 cent piece to get the rounded corners in place, then use a jigsaw and roughly cut out each window section.

Removed the inner pieces and began to cut the rough cuts to size, using a nibbler.

Seen here I filed all the edges smooth, de-burred the opposite side, and the reason I do this, is  because it makes everything tie in nicely, also makes the edge molding sit straight, (thats how you can tell when a person has filed or not filed the edges of a window cut or fan hole), because if its done like this everything sits perfectly.

Close up , because I'm damn proud of how good it looks :)

Put it on the case, to see how it looks.

Random Shot.

Random Shot.

More to follow soon, this is a half update.



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Re: Project INVADED - A Custom Case for Charity (56K Warning)
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2009, 05:54:02 PM »

Small Update...

I only have the hard drive bay to go before this portion of the build is complete, and I'm still tossing ideas around before I settle for something, that's what I'm doing today, these next Photos are just a summary of what I am up to, and just to show you the first part of the final stages of the Chassis build.

Stripped down...(I'll be hand polishing all the frame soon).

Back - (still needs some minor work)

Some of the inside, (hard drive bay needs some attention)

The Case as it stands at the moment.


Right Side.

Right Door Side.

Inside of Case.

Close Up of Inside.

Door slightly opened.

Motherboard Tray.

Proposed Hard Drive Rack.

Larger Viewing area of Proposed Hard Drive Rack.

So still some work to do, but getting there slowly, and its starting to get heavy, its still manageable though.

Back with more soon.

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