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Author Topic: For John  (Read 10393 times)


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For John
« on: November 05, 2008, 04:55:10 AM »

Seriously?  Get a life.
-The Mods

you are so.....‏
From:  Me ( 
Sent: Tue 11/04/08 9:53 AM
To:  My Wife (

1. stupid
2. ugly
3. fat as f***
4. bitchy
5. pathetic
6. the most regretted decision i ever made
glad i cheated on you.

First off, let me assure you that I find your antics incredibly immature. A fifth grader who still craps his pants is certainly more mature than you have been during this last exchange, and I am personally amazed and insulted by what youíve said and done. I thought you, of all people, would have more integrity than this. I had some faith in the fact that you would leave well enough alone. But you had to get into my account and piss around in there and violate not only my wife, but my entire god damn family. Iím tired of putting up with it.


Let me also assure you of this: Weíre through, John. Weíve been through since I moved out, and possibly beforehand. I just donít think you grasp that. So let me say this as clearly as I can. WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE. Especially since you violated my family and insulted us so blatantly. I expected you to try and peek at my profile and maybe attempt to glimpse into my life and be a part of it. But using my name to insult my wife is little more than ďjust contemptible.Ē Itís sick and disgusting, and youíve proven to me just how foolish I was to even try and be your friend IN THE FIRST PLACE! I only testify in my defense that I was lonely and didnít know you well enough to NOT associate myself with you. Now that I DO know better, I also know well enough to stay as far away from you and your little ďfamilyĒ Ė as dysfunctional as it is Ė as possible. Unfortunately, your childish antics are forcing a direct confrontation, and I would like very much to avoid that if at all possible. The mere sight of you sickens me, and I canít believe I put my friendship into your hands.


Now that weíre clear on that, let me also assure you that I DID in fact read your little blog about my wife and me. I was not amused. I wasnít impressed by your attempts at intelligence, and least of all, I was NOT surprised when you took my leaving to the extremities of actually providing me with a f***ing funeral. Know what, buddy? Iím no better off than you are right now, so you may as well get your little chums to throw your ass a funeral next. If starting a family and moving on in life is equal to death, then a good deal of us are dead before we even see 25. At least Iím happy with my family, and I spend some time with my baby that doesnít involve computers or being compelled by someone else to do it.


Let me go one step further with my admission to you, John. I donít just consider us finished. I hate you, John. This descent you have taken into cruelty hurts me, and I hope youíre happy with yourself. Youíre probably sitting there, ignoring your family, and chuckling about how much Iím hurting over your pre-teen Emo bullsh*t. I hate you beyond measure, and if there were any way I could aptly put my detestation towards you into accurate words, I would. But the fact that I only have so much to go on limits me.


And next time you spend more than passing attention to Rachel, tell her that Pox Parties have nothing sexual in nature involved. And, for that matter, why would she bring her CHILD to something like that anyway? True, sex produces children, but you donít have to blend the two worlds THAT well.


Arenít we having fun yet, John? Donít worry. Iím not either.


Iím tired of being stalked by you and defending myself against your pathetic attempts at hurting us. If you want to stalk us, stalk what you remember about me, and MAYBE let it comfort you for a minute. Then remember what a good friendship you had before you threw it away. Yes, YOU threw it away. You and Rachel. Your repugnance was clear the moment you two and my wife met. I should have known I couldnít have chosen between friends or love. And this is not that ďhoes or brosĒ bullsh*t, either. I have a loving family, and I would not trade it for a GOD DAMN THING! The fact that you tried ruin it with your little fling with Sarah says a lot about the differences between our character. I at least have the balls to stay with my family. You seemed to have neutered yourself to that fact a long time ago. And numerous times when you used to work at Colonial with her, if Iím correct. But who am I to speculate.


Stop stalking us, John. I want nothing more to do with you. I donít feel like changing my life patterns around to avoid you, and if we were to ever meet in the street one day, I would either ignore you or Ė were you too stupid and stubborn to realize what I was doing Ė act as if I never knew who you were. Let this be my warning to you on THAT occurrence. I wasnít kidding when I said we were finished.


Also, Iím wondering why you hadnít stooped to your usual low when you received my response to your blog. I sent it to you knowing full well that you would reply in kind, but either you didnít get it, or you had a clear moment of maturity that said that you wouldnít debase yourself Ė again Ė by replying. Or perhaps you were deterred by my reason and accuracy, as well as real intelligence? Iíll assume it was just that you donít check your netscape account. So, just to make sure I make my point clear, hereís the OTHER response to your childish ways I have made.


[Your Dead Friend]


If you werenít so insistent on it, we could have parted ways with little disturbance. But you threw the glove down, John, and there was nothing left for me to do but reply in kind.


I hope youíre not too busy looking all of these long words up on wikipedia. That would make reading this letter terribly time-consuming, wouldnít it? But, since youíre SO curious as to my opinions and considerations, let me give them all to you right now. That way, all you have to do is read this over and over again instead of inciting new drama. And here, I thought Rachel was the one who loved wallowing in drama. I guess you two are more suited to one another than I originally expected.


I leave you now with a simply request. Stop the bullsh*t. Donít come looking for us online or in real life. I donít want to have to confront you on any of this. I just want to live my life in peace, but if I have to erase and delete everything so I can be rid of you, so be it.


Your Dead Friend
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Re: For John
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2008, 09:32:49 AM »

Awww..but Bale, we haven't had any fun drama here in a while.

Thanks to DJ Bowen
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