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Can i put more fans in my PC?

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Hello everyone,

   First i want to say i love the site, the mods all of you have come up with is amazing, my hats off to you.
I had a problem last night where my pc started heating up and poof my power supply died. So now i have a new power supply, and i don't want it to happen again, so i wanna cool my pc better than before. So here is my question..

How many fans can i install in my pc?

My tower is a Cooler Master Centurion 5, my motherboard is a ASUS P5LD2 i already have a  ZALMAN CNPS9500 LED 92mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan with Heatsink in there. and i believe the fan at the back is the stock one that came with the pc it's self...

So exactly how many fans can i put in my comp safely?

and on the cooler master site it says "Cooling System  One 80 x 80 x 20 mm Front Fan ( Intake ),One 120x 120x 25mm Rear Fan(Exhaust)"  What do they mean by intake and exhaust?

Thank you in advance for helping me out, as you can tell i am very new to all of this. so thank you for being patient.....

- DraStiK

Intake means the fan is sucking air into the computer. (brings cool air to the inside)
Exhaust means the fan is sucking air out of the computer. (sucks/blows the hot air outside)
Think of it like a car; it has an air intake and an exhaust pipe.

Putting more fans in, depends on how big of a power supply you have along with how many components you have as well.  If you are talking about just buying regular fans, I once put about 7 fans in mine along with a few hard drives, cd-roms and so forth with a 350Watt power supply, but if you do something like that, DO NOT put a bunch with the little 3-pin connectors that connect only to the motherboard and then try to cut and splice them all together...  Buy the ones with the actual Molex power connector, like the ones you use to connect your hard drives, cd-roms and stuff with.  Most fans have those already on them or come with an adaptor in the package.

If noise isn't an issue, do what I did and buy some 80mm Vantec Tornado fans. (Model: #TD8038H, 9.1 Watts)
If you want to control the speed of these fans (as well as the noise), buy a Multi-fan Controller such as the NXP-201 or NXP-205.  They are cheap, but reliable.  I haven't come into any trouble with these.  These particular models will accept the controlling of 4 fans (1 per channel) and can handle up to 18 Watts per channel.  You can hook up only ONE Tornado to each channel, or a few regular case fans to each channel. (1 Tornado=9.1 Watts)

I hope all of the above helps you out in some way.


   Thank you for the response, i am beginning to understand this whole cooling thing a little bit more, and the intake, and exhaust explanation was perfect. Thank you for that.

the power supply i have right now is a 430watt, i like the suggestion with the Tornado fan there, but it's an 80mm where would i put it? because the one on the rear is a 120mm so i was thinking of replacing that with the "Antec 120MM PC Case Fan" but I'm not sure yet.

Also i don't know if this is right or not, but i saw on my side panel there is these 2 little grilled vents and one has 4 holes like where a fan could fit, I'm not sure if that is meant for a fan or not.?.

You are talking about channels, now are channels those connectors that are from the power supply? {told you I'm really new at this}

and about the controller, i don't know if i will need to get that. Because i only have one internal hard-drive, one external hard-drive, and 2gb of ram, well soon to be 4gb of ram. So i don't know if i would need a controller or not...

But thank you again, for your reply it has helped me a little bit more than when i first posted..

- DraStiK

You're welcome.

Yes, the vent with the 4 holes is made to mount a fan.  Any new fan you buy, comes with the screws to mount it.

You can also buy adapters that make a fan fit a different size fan hole, like 80 to 120.

The channels are just part of the fan controller itself.  It has 4 connectors along with 4 little knobs to adjust the speed of each fan on each connector.  In other words, 1 knob and connector on the speed controller equals 1 channel.

Hard drives and RAM have nothing to do with the fan controller.  The fan controller is a seperate piece of hardware that mounts in a 5.25" drive bay where the cd-roms go.  The controller on my old computer fits in a 3.5" bay where a floppy drive would go.

Here is an example: (while on the pages, click some pictures to enlarge them)
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Great info Brybo, but if I may, I'd like to add a few things.  It's been my experience that adding more and/or bigger EXHAUST fans will have a greater impact on cooling that blowing more air into the case.  Many probably already know this, but the fans are actually creating a hi/low pressure situation inside the case.  As more air is sucked out of the case (usually in back or on top) the inside air pressure drops, making it necessary to get more air into the case.  If you blow alot of air in and it can't get out fast enough, your internal temps will rise because the air inside has to "wait" longer, giving it a chance to warm up.  My advice is to add the biggest fan(s) you can to the back, (or like Brybo said, get an adapter) and make sure you have un-obstructed airflow into the front of the case.  It never hurts to have a few more intake fans, but as a a general rule of thumb I always have one bigger (like 120mm) exhaust fan then I have intake fans.  Hope this helps out.



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