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Author Topic: I wired up an HD44780 VFD (Noritake) But I get Display corruption  (Read 2313 times)


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I've been having this problem all along with my Noritake VFD ever since I got the thing. (VFD Model CU20045SCPB-W2J HD44780 Compatible) It does it when ever there is alot of scrolling and only on the first and third line. I used an unshielded Ribbon cable can that be my problem? it is fine on most screens like the clock and the MBM5 or is my VFD Defective?

(I can't return it because Noritake Says I voided the Warranty by soldering a Header to it :x )

Video Requires DIVX 5
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Re: I wired up an HD44780 VFD (Noritake) But I get Display corruption
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2007, 10:07:47 PM »

I can't say much about your specific setup (the video doesn't play on my box), but with my Noritake CU20045SCPB-U2J, some software that works fine on LCDs just doesn't go 1000% on VFDs.

With STLCD, it works fine.

With jalcds, it *must* have a transition between screens or odds are you'll get a corrupt display.

It's probably a timing thing or something.

My cable is unshielded and routed all across the mainboard (trapped under the expansion cards), yet it works fine.

Check for loose or broken lines, or small shorts.
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