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Author Topic: Where to get header housings? (Like the kind used For Motherboard LED/Switchs)  (Read 1847 times)


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I bought an HD44780 VFD  (A Noritake 20 X 4 U Series) and it has a single row 14 pin header soldered on. so the part I'm looking for and having trouble finding is a 12 pin, I can find 2 pin ones every where  but I need one that looks exacly like this Only with 12 Pin Holes

Why you say? Because I already bought the tool to crimp those pins for those exact headers from a previous project, and yet again you say why a 12 pin and a 2 pin because I want to have seperare power and data connections for the VFD. IF worse comes to worse and I can't find them I will probably use a 10 pin and a two 2 pins but I would really like to get the right part and not have not but another expensive crimper
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You know what I'd do:

24-pin ribbon cable plug, 24-wire ribbon cable, use every second wire, put one row of the pins over the socket.

Added plus:  The tightness of ribbon cable instead of 12 loose wires.


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I usually get those from either or  problem is with those sites is that they usually require a minimum purchase.  Last I bought stuff, it was probably $5 minimum.  I would only buy from them if I need a lot of stuff.  If you're gonna end up buying parts like those, buy extra, in case you need more later.  Also, those connectors don't come with the leads/pins.  make sure you buy a lot of extras in case you break them or mess up your crimping.
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