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Is a white wire positive or negative?


Generally, is a white wire positive or negeative?  I'm hooking up my case connections (led, power switch, etc) to my mobo, and the wires aren't labeled pos. or neg.  In each set, there's a different colored wire and a white wire.  any help is appreciated.

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yeah, white should be pos :)

That depends.  in most cases (i meant case as in case modding), the indicator lights and switches are wired using colored cables to give a little indication.  for example, the power switch is colored red and white.  if you compare all the front panel stuff's wires and they all are colored but had the same white cable paired with each color, then, the colored part is positive, and the white one is negative.  (sorry for making a long story just to say the white is negative :D)

But, start worrying if you find a cable that has a black and a white cable.  I have two at home, and I just snipped them off their connectors and standardized my cables to have white as the negative wire.

The Duke:
When ever I've done it white has been positive, but that's not neccesarily true for each case. Hook up the LED and if it doesn't work, switch it. That's of course assuming everything else is already hooked up correctly. But if it is, then chances are so is the LED, so there you go if that helped. :D

there an old electricians things, dark is closer in color to the ground, get it.


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