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Author Topic: Announcement: is closed  (Read 4317 times)


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Announcement: is closed
« on: August 09, 2005, 11:13:41 AM » is closing down as part of a plan to streamline GT's operation and remove redunant services.

Q. Will I lose the pictures I had on
A. No, the upload feature is being disabled, but pictures will remain online indefinately

Q. Will we no longer be able to upload pictures?
A. No, the VPS gallery ( ) is now open to all members and you can use it for both Modification related and off topic pictures (so long as they are for the Gideontech forums)

Q. Will hotlink protection remain in effect?
A. Yes

Q. What size pictures can I upload on the VPS?
A. You can upload pictures of any size, but ones larger than 2560x1920 (5MP) will be automatically resized to that size.

Q. Can anyone browse my pictures on the VPS gallery?
A. If you leave your pictures as public, they will appear in your gallery which anyone can view.  Pictures marked private are not shown in the gallery, but can be linked to in the forum.

Q. How much space do I get?
A. New Members (Case Mod Weenies) get 5MB, GT Fanatics get 10MB, Senior Members get 20MB, and Elite Modders get 40MB.

Q. Pics on the VPS used to require approval to show up - do they still?
A. No, pictures you upload to the VPS now appear immediately, but we still reserve the right to remove anything inappropriate or in violation of the Terms and Conditions of this site.

Q. How do I browse someone's VP gallery?
A. Click the camera icon next to their name in the forum.

Remember, the new upload site is
Update your bookmarks!
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Re: Announcement: is closed
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2005, 10:24:20 AM »

Just a note on Private Albums. These are albums you deem private and can only be viewed with a password.

This password is not YOUR account password as that would be silly to give out to people.

To view or change the Private album password, go to 'My Albums' after you logged in. Find the private album, then click on 'Edit' under the Actions menu. That password is there for you to view or change.

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