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Author Topic: looking for a molex connector...  (Read 1189 times)


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looking for a molex connector...
« on: August 07, 2004, 03:19:10 AM »

the idea is something like this...
or this:
i would like to buy just the molex connectors with flanges on them to attach to sheet metal.   i would also prefer them to be male instead of female. the reason being that the "pro" style of colored connectors (connectorZ) has a female quick release, making it easy to unplug by squeezing the plug, leveraging it right out.  colored plastic would be even better, but that's undoubtedly stretching things.  
another option would be just the molex connector that is soldered to the drives' circuit boards.   i have perused mouser and digikey, but if you dont know exactly what you are looking for, what it's called, etc, you're toast.   of course, if you havent guessed, the object is to make something like this...
i'd also need a connector like the one on the motherboard for the 20-pin atx.  any info including part numbers would be most appreciated!  thanks.

oh, btw, i am not married to the mollex connector idea.   if there is another type of 4-wire connector that would handle the current, i am certainly open to that as well.


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looking for a molex connector...
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2004, 03:39:40 AM »

woah, i really havent thought about doing seprate molex connectors instread of single long mass of cables that come out of the psu.  the only other "similar" project to this would be where someone modded a old ammo case and used old stereo connectors for all of his perperial devices.  i think that some of them are pretty heavy duty, he even used one for this power cord.  ill try to find the link.
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