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Author Topic: Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler  (Read 3317 times)


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Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler
« Reply #10 on: June 23, 2004, 12:47:16 AM »

Quote from: Grump
Quote from: s0up
Seems like to much moding (snicker). But i'd personally go with other heatsinks, TT has a simaler nice one.

Too much modding? You're kidding, right? We are a bunch of modders here, aren't we? My t-shirt even says so.

These are about the easiest mods you can do. You need a screw driver and a sharp knife. Materials-wise, you need less than 5 bucks for 8 rubber washers, 4 longer screws, some Crazy Glue and 3 rubber grommets.

The washers on fans can be used on any fan in your case -- unless you like all that vibrating noise.

And Thermaltake... don't get me started. They're copy-cats. They haven't had an original idea since forever. I would put a Cooler Master product up against a Tt product any time.

The Hyper 6 isn't for everyone. It's not a traveling companion either -- you could damage your mobo if you don't remove it before transporting it. But it's a great HSF and can be made even better with a couple of simple mods. And as far as I'm concerned, if you can't mod it, I don't want it.

I guess "snicker" wasn't good enough clearence...This site being a modding site and all, of course i'm kidding! all i was saying is that TT makes a simaler block, didn't say it was better. I don't like TT, I like zalman. :)
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