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Author Topic: Placement of drives...  (Read 2774 times)


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Placement of drives...
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2002, 12:15:00 AM »

Physically, does it matter?  Not really.  

The CD Burner does generate a bit a heat while burning, but it usually isn't spinning as fast, so the motor isn't usually as hot.  Neither will generate as much heat as 7200 RMP hard drives do.

On the IDE cable, the CD burner should be the master on the secondary ATA port. The primary hard drive should be the master on the primary IDE port.  It makes for cleaner "drive copy" burns.

Do not mix cable select and master/slave settings: use one or the other.  An ATA66 or better controller with an 80 wire IDE cable will cable select automatically, but one can set it up as master/slave if one wants.  Older controllers are better used via the master/slave settings.

mr chips

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Placement of drives...
« Reply #11 on: July 20, 2002, 03:30:00 AM »

I have a basic but nice looking plastic/steel case.

I stuck the 2 7200 drives at the top of the case with a bay cooler.  It seemed to make sense to do this cos the hot air rises from the drives otherwise making my CDRW and DVDRW hot (if they are on top).  I use a cheap 3x40 bay cooler neatly placed within with my girlfriends stocking (it's a filter!).  CDRW and DVDRW are thus in the middle of the case..  I have one intake at the bottom front, 1 in rear, 2 in PSU..

HD's hover between 30-45
system is 22
cpu is 30-40

I think this is ok?
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