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Author Topic: Replacing LEDs on Fan controller  (Read 1014 times)


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Replacing LEDs on Fan controller
« on: October 12, 2003, 12:02:20 AM »

I'm trying to replace stock blue leds with red on Vantec NXP-205-SL fan controller:

The original leds appear to be super bright blue, similar in look and size to 'RL3-B2030 Blue 3mm LED'

However, the bit that confuses me is when testing the voltage difference between cathode and anode it came out to 3V. After unsoldering the led and testing the two connectors on the board, the difference is 5V. From what I understand about leds, that definatly NOT supposed to happen.

How would I determine what exact leds are used and what I can safely replace them with?


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Replacing LEDs on Fan controller
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2003, 08:18:38 AM »

voltages get higher off power supplies when u remove a load from it and if inducive loads are on the same rails. if you test the voltage of a battery with a mulitmeter on its own u will get a false reading, putting a resistor accross the poles and then testing it you will get a corresct reading as a load brings the voltage to the correct level. Inducive loads are things that porduce their own power from moving (fans do this) as they act as dynamos. anything that is an elctromagnet produces an induced current and this can raise the voltage on the rail. put a resistor accross the two connectors on the board and check the voltage accros that (if you can a 100 ohm resistor) and you wil find the voltage drops 2 3V again, if it doesnt i would b concerned.  
if you get a superbirght red led it should work like the blue and so shouldnt blow up if used insted of the blue led.
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