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Author Topic: Disc/Deval at \Radio Shack  (Read 1414 times)


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Disc/Deval at \Radio Shack
« on: March 01, 2002, 08:52:00 PM »

This isn't so much a specific item as more of a grab bag/Luck of the draw thing.

  Radio Shack has what they call Discontinued/Devalued Items that you can pick up for like 80% off the regular price.

  When I worked there you could get a 2.5" LCD TV for like 20 to 30 bucks. Also the  Little parts occasionally get discoed and you can get lots of stuff for like 5 bucks. I once bought an entire sack full of MISC LED's for less than 5 dollars.  

All you need is an older RS catalog (get one free at christmas time) and a little dumb luck.  Go in and harrass  the clueless pein behind the counter to do some perpetual listing look ups and find out what stores in your area have these items. If this person ins really nice he will even get them shipped from the other store for you and you pay for them in advance and pick them up in a few days.

   The ways you learn to abuse a corporations stock system are amazing if you know where to scrounge.  Mwahahaha!
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