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Author Topic: F/S Modded Lian Li PC-65  (Read 1482 times)

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F/S Modded Lian Li PC-65
« on: December 19, 2001, 09:45:00 AM »

Hi all,

I received this case only 2 weeks ago, however, i am starting a new project, and am looking to sell this case. If you make me a good offer, you will have this pretty much brand new beaut sitting on your front step!Here's what's on it, if you want pictures for proof, i'm having them taken probably on saturday or sunday.

Large window made by Lian Li !WITH! 2x 92MM Sanyo Denki Blowholes in the window!

12x Pioneer DVD w/stealth mod

Enermax 431 watt power supply with all wires Split loomed either in 1 inch thick orange loom or 1/2 inch red (for smaller wires)

2x Glowire strings (1 orange/red is custom adhered, is somewhat of an amateur job, however, 10 mins of work and it will look totally professional, plus a choice of either Aqua, Green or Blue glowire for the 2nd plug

1x cold cathode

PCMods RheoBUS (looks UNBELIEVEABLE!) you would have to make this youreself otherwise, but i already did the work! It does wonders to make the system quieter

3x Millitary SPST switches built into the 3.5 inch bay (this is something that you won't find anywhere else! NOWHERE! It looks cool beyond belief!) The cold cathode runs on one of these switches, so there are 2 more for whatever you please.

As i said above, this case is a mere 2 weeks old. This thing is practically new. It basically has no flaws, except for a few barely noticable scratches by the paneling around the PSU and 5.25 inch bays, but with the window, these aren't seen. Also, one of the floppy bay covers is a tad scratched, however, when you add your floppy/zip drive, take this one out, and you basically have a perfect case! I paid in excess of 600 dollars for everything seen here. I'm not putting a price on it, however, take into consideration what i paid for it. Let me know if you're interested, and if any of you are seriously interested and give me a serious price, when i have pictures, i'll send it to you. Believe me, i know casemodding is a very personal thing. However, this thing is extremely beautiful and cool in almost anyone's eyes(i know, 1 in a million don't like lian lis for some reason). It has a ton on it already, and there are enough mods on there that allow you to easily personalise it even more (the switch panel and the Rheobus). I'm not exactly in a hurry to sell it, so if you don't have the cash for it now, i can wait. Name your price, and please, only serious offers that would do this baby justice.

 !NOTE! Sorry, this is copied from other posts i have. I'm letting you know that this case cost me 623.87 not including shipping and the time i've put in on it.
I'm asking a minimum of 500,OBO$ If you're nice about it, and are prompt and true, i will most likely take the hit for the shipping costs, as long as i'm not shipping out of the country or really far in the country.(US only). Please don't flame or cut this thread, i don't mean to be a rule breaker or an annoyance, i just want to sell my case so i can have some money to build a new one. Let me know at if you are interested. By the way, in case you are wondering about a scam, i will have pics by saturday/sunday, if you have a serious offer, i will email them to you. Thanks again.

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