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Was the moon landing faked?

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Author Topic: Read This...Tell me what you think...  (Read 7075 times)


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« on: June 10, 2003, 08:23:09 PM »

NASA faked the moon landings...

William (Bill) Wood presented this speech to an audience of 90 people in
San Jose, California in 1996.

**The title of my talk today is “Did we ever go to the Moon?”

*About half of what I’m presenting today is extracted from Bill Kaysing’s
book, We Never Went to The Moon, which I highly recommend.  Anyone who is
interested can obtain one from him for $20, including shipping.  See me
afterwards for the address.  The rest of what I’m presenting today comes
from my own 30-year investigation.

*Bill Kaysing worked at Rocketdyne for over 7 years (1956-1963) with a
secret security clearance during much of the rocket motor development
leading to the Apollo program.  He witnessed the poor management,
inadequate equipment and lackadaisical attitude that characterized the
entire Apollo program.

**Let me give you a brief summary of my background.  I worked on the
Minuteman ICBM and other Air Force rockets from 1964-1968 as a munitions
specialist with a secret security clearance.  Then I worked on classified
projects for the Navy.  I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1976 with a
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  I also
have degrees in mathematics, physics and chemistry.  I worked at
MacDonnell-Douglas until 1979 on the Delta satellite launch vehicle with
many of the same engineers who had developed the 3rd stage of the Saturn 5
Moon rocket.  I worked on various and numerous U.S. government rocket
programs from 1977 to 1993 with secret and top secret security
clearances.  I have published numerous classified and unclassified
professional technical papers on rocket and ramjet propulsion and served as
Chairman of the ASME Propulsion Technical Committee.  Since 1993 I have
consulted on several non-government rocket programs.

**As a result of the facts presented by Bill Kaysing and the facts gathered
in my own 30 year investigation, I have strong doubts that our lunar
landing program actually happened.  I will present for you many scientific,
circumstantial and political facts that substantiate my conclusions.

**In 1958, top U.S. space scientists, when interviewed by Walter Cronkite
on CBS “Eye on History” (aired on TV on 1/11/96) said, optimistically, that
it might be possible to land a man on the Moon by 1980, but that a lot of
major problems would have to be solved first.

*According to Bill Kaysing, in 1961 the U.S. Government established the
secret $7 billion “Apollo Simulation Project” to hoax the Moon
landings.  Run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, it was copied after the
highly successful Manhattan Project.  Although over 300,000 people
participated in the Manhattan Project from 1942 to 1945, no more than 6 men
knew all about it.  Even President Truman didn’t know of the existence of
the A-bomb until shortly before he authorized its use.

**In Oct. 1963, after consulting with his top rocket scientists (who said
it couldn’t be done), Khrushchev stated that Russia had no intention of
attempting a manned Moon landing in this century.  He said that they would
concentrate on building manned space stations.  The official U.S. response
was that Russia was lying to lull us into not racing them to the Moon and
that they had a crash program going to beat us there.  Numerous references
prove that the U.S. knew that the Russians were not racing us to put men on
the Moon.  In fact, Russia launched only one manned spacecraft into orbit
during the 3.6 years leading up to Apollo 8.  History shows that Khrushchev
was telling the truth, and that Russia never did have a serious manned Moon

*The NASA Apollo Program Director, Major General Samuel Phillips, submitted
a lengthy report to NASA and to J.L. Atwood, President of North American
Aviation in 1966 (just 1 year before the fatal Apollo fire and less than 3
years before Apollo 8) stated that, based on his team’s assessment, they
had no confidence in the future performance of the Apollo program.  His
investigation was conducted as a result of the continual failure to achieve
the progress required to support the Apollo lunar landing.

*Phillips stated that NASA had been forced to accept continual slippages in
key performance milestones in testing as well as end item hardware
deliveries (in spite of repeated deletions of both hardware and test
content), increasing costs, and degradation in hardware performance.  For
example, delivery of the common bulkhead test article and the All System
firing were both rescheduled 5 times for a total slippage of more than a
year.  Although the Apollo program was reoriented during this time, the
flight stages remained behind schedule, even after the reorientation.  The
Saturn 5 was supposed to contain over 2 million parts, an impossible
reliability nightmare.  It would have taken many more years and many more
billions of dollars to make it work reliably.

*Gus Grissom nearly died in a defective Mercury capsule in 1961.  After
that, he was very outspoken in his criticism of the Apollo program.  He and
fellow astronauts White and Chaffee were burned to death in the Apollo
capsule on the ground on 1/27/67.  The morning of the fire he picked a
lemon from the tree in his yard and told his wife, Betty, he was going to
put it in the capsule, because it was a lemon too.  The fire was started
under Grissom’s seat, in 10 pounds of oily rags that had been placed there,
and burned furiously in the pure oxygen in the capsule.  After the fire,
government agents entered Grissom’s home and confiscated all of his papers.

*Who remembers that, following the murder of Kennedy in 1963, 18 witnesses
died under mysterious circumstances?  Well, in 1967, after the deaths of
Grissom, Chaffee and White, four other Apollo astronauts also diedWillliams
in a mid-air explosion, two others in a routine airplane landing and Given
in a one-car crash.  Was this an attempt to silence uncooperative astronauts?

*In April 1967, after Grissom, Chaffee and White died in the Apollo I fire,
North American inspector Thomas Baron testified before a congressional
investigation committee that the Moon mission was crippled by defective
equipment and poor management.  He had written both a 55 page and a 500
page report on his findings.  He died in a mysterious car vs. train
accident four days later.  No autopsy was performed, although required by
Florida state law.  His body was immediately cremated.

*NASA heavily subsidized Stanley Kubrick when he produced the movie,
“2001”.  The movie was used to develop the special effects needed to fake a
lunar landing and its purpose, when it premiered in 1968, was to show the
public what a real lunar landing was supposed to look like.

**Apollo 8 was the first capsule recovered from the lunar vicinity, manned
or not.  Its re-entry specific kinetic energy was twice as high as from
Earth orbit.  Only 23 months after the Apollo I fire that killed 3
astronauts, this risk was too high to have been taken, particularly after
the recent disastrous Apollo 6 mission.  Supposedly 5,000 changes were made
to the Apollo capsule after the fire in just 21 months.  That is 8 changes
a day for 21 months.

**Early F-1 Saturn 5 first stage rocket motors suffered catastrophic
explosions on the test stand.  Suddenly the problem, attributed to
combustion instability, was solved and no more explosions occurred.  When
asked for copies of F-1 test data, the response is that the data, although
unclassified, is not available.  Launch footage shows an 800’ long, highly
fuel-rich exhaust plume being produced by the 5 “F-1” motors, and extensive
atmospheric after burning like a flamethrower.  How much thrust does a
flamethrower produce?  Not much.

**Mysteriously, the F-1 exhaust plumes are dark for the first 8’ after the
end of the nozzle, then ignition of a very fuel-rich exhaust plume occurs
in the atmosphere.  Were the new “F-1” motors simply smaller, lower thrust,
proven rocket motors inserted in the center of an F-1 motor shell with
extra kerosene injected into the annular space between them, only to be
vaporized and burned in the atmosphere to produce a large and impressive
flame without much increase in thrust?  Were the F-1 engines now on display
produced mainly for public display, without their central, smaller engine
and annular air induction and mixing section?

**The $6.9 billion LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) Program proposal was only
110 pages.  I have found that ten other proposals for programs of this size
average over 38,000 pages (with a range of 5,000 to 86,000 pages).  A 110
page proposal is appropriate for a $1.4 million program, 5,000 times
smaller than the claimed LEM program.  The LEM was poorly designed, with 2
doors instead of one, adding critical weight and reducing interior space
and safety.  NASA was unable to test the LEM propulsion, landing and
staging sequences.  Armstrong was nearly killed on Earth in the LEM
simulator.  The footage showing liftoff from the Moon shows impossible
thrust-to-mass ratios and no luminous exhaust plume.

**In the Apollo photographs there are no stars in the lunar sky.  No crater
was produced by the rocket exhaust under the LEM.  Recent tests with the
DC-X rocket, landing tail first on Earth, produced a large, 2’ deep crater
and significant damage to the vehicle.  The crater was so large that there
was concern that the DC-X might fall over, into it.  On the Moon the crater
would have been much larger, due to the Moon having only 1/6 as much
gravity as the Earth and no atmosphere.  In the Apollo landings, there was
no Moon dust on the landing pads in spite of the fact that Armstrong talked
about all the dust he was kicking up.  In photos, Moon dirt is clearly
defined out to a certain distance, then there is an abrupt transition to a
fuzzy enlarged photo of lava flows in Hawaii and Utah used for
background.  Prior to Apollo, top geologists were asked what they expected
lunar soil to be like.  Afterward, they were provided with just what they
expected:  nothing not found on Earth.

**The U.S. could not afford to conduct a real Apollo program.  It was
heavily involved in the expensive unsuccessful invasion of South Vietnam,
had widespread political unrest at home and was pursuing a vigorous and
expensive arms race with Russia.  The $7 billion spent on the Apollo
Simulation Project was only ¼ of the $28 billion charged to the Moon
program, leaving $21 billion left over for use in the Vietnam War.

**The Van Allen radiation belts protect people on Earth and astronauts
below 500 miles from lethal solar radiation.  1969 and 1970 were years of
solar maximum radiation.  If astronauts had been sent to the Moon then,
they would have all died from exposure to solar radiation.  Other maximums
were in 1958, 1980 and 1991 (every 11 years).  All of the animals sent
above 500 miles have died from radiation exposure.

**Noam Chomsky, who was characterized by Time Magazine as “arguably the
most important intellectual alive” has stated that propaganda is essential

in a democracy.  In a dictatorship, a citizen’s opinion is unimportant.  In
a democracy, where people vote, they must be convinced to vote the way
those in power want them to.

*In July 1969, European newspapers questioned the authenticity of the Moon
landing.  This was not reported in U.S. newspapers.  Worldwide, more than
70% of the population do not believe the landings happened.  On 6/14/70 the
Knight-Ridder newspaper chain polled 1,721 U.S. residents in 6 cities and
found that more than 30% of Americans did not believe that the Moon
landings were authentic.  David Wise in “The Politics of Lying” said in
1973:  “A substantial number of Americans do not believe that their
government landed men on the Moon.”  Today, top NASA official admit that
“many millions” of people still don’t believe it happened.  In spite of
frequent Government-sponsored “booster shots” (no pun intended) aired by
the media, such as the shows aired on the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11 in
July 1994 and the recent movie Apollo 13, recent polls show that less than
50% of the U.S. population now believe that it happened.

**One of the more well-known Nazi war criminals was Dr. Wernher Von Braun,
responsible for development of the war rockets that killed thousands of
soldiers and civilians and produced millions of dollars in damage.  He was
not prosecuted for his war crimes because he was our war criminal and we
wanted him to lead the U.S. space program.  Why did he resign in 1970,
after 10 years as head of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, (right
after Apollo 12) at age 57?  He then spent 2 years at NASA in Washington
D.C. working on “advanced programs” (even though there weren’t any) and
then resigned from NASA altogether in 1972 (6 months before Apollo 17) at
age 60.  For the next 5 years he worked as V.P. of engineering and
development at Fairchild Ind. Before dying in 1977 at age 65.  His lifelong
dream had been to send men to the Moon.  Was it his job to come up with a
design for a Moon rocket that would withstand careful technical
scrutiny?  Did he resign from the Apollo Program in 1970 out of
disappointment that we weren’t really going?

**As in the 1974 movie Capricorn I, Apollo missions took off with no
astronauts aboard and went into orbit.  Then the 3rd stage took an unmanned
spacecraft to the Moon, where it performed a lunar landing, lowered a
seismometer, ejected a laser reflector, transmitted back prerecorded manned
audio and video, then dug up Moon rocks and returned them to Earth.  Later,
the crew in a burned capsule were dropped from a C-5a aircraft into the
Pacific for recovery.  Some of the real Moon rocks were then traded with
the Russians for real Moon rocks they has just obtained with their own
unmanned lunar lander and return craft.  Larger amounts of phony Moon rocks
were manufactured on Earth and sent to laboratories for analysis and put on
public display.

**The National Aerospace Plane (NASP), a project to build a rocket/ramjet
powered vehicle to put men into orbit, was started in the early ‘60’s and
canceled years later, after having spent billions of dollars, due to lack
of technical progress.  In spite of the lack of technical progress during
the ‘70s (exemplified by the cancellation of the multibillion dollar U.S.
supersonic transport program), the NASP program was revived again by Reagan
in the early ‘80’s, and then cancelled again, after spending over $5
billion more, again due to lack of technical progress.  No flights were
ever conducted.

**The Space Shuttle, a rocket that is ¾ the size of the Saturn 5, was
developed 15 years later, was first launched 2 years late, spent nearly 3
years being redesigned after 7 astronauts died in the Challenger disaster,
costs over 3 times as much as the Saturn 5 per launch, and yet can only put
1/6 as much payload in orbit.  Why now, over 30 years later, there are not
plans to ever build a rocket with the claimed performance of the Saturn 5?

**Russia has put 3 manned space stations into orbit:  Salyut 6, Salyut 7
and Mir.  The only manned space station the U.S. has ever had in orbit was
Skylab, inhabited briefly in the early ‘70’s.  In 1983, Reagan directed
NASA to have a fully operational manned space station in orbit about the
Earth by 1993.  Since then, $12 billion has been spent just studying
designs for the space station, which is more than it was initially supposed
to cost, and yet we are still years away from the first launch of the parts
to eventually put it into orbit.  The space station has been downgraded
from a U.S. project to an international one, with the U.S. and Russia
jointly responsible for putting it into orbit and, with other nations,
conducting operations.  It will not be operational for at least another 6
to 10 years, over 10 years behind schedule, and will hold only 6
people.  That is less than the Shuttle?  Meanwhile, the Shuttle flies back
and forth to the Mir, which has been conducting orbital operations for the
past 10 years.

**In 1987 NASA published the Ride report, written by a NASA team led by the
former Shuttle astronaut Sally Ride.  The report speculated that, if the
U.S. started then, and spent billions of dollars each year on a manned Moon
program, it might be possible to land men on the Moon by the year
2010.  That is 23 years!  It was only 8 years from Kennedy’s announcement
of the Apollo Program (made 9 months before the first American had gone
into orbit!), until Apollo 11 supposedly landed men on the Moon and
returned then safely to Earth.  How could it cost so much more now and take
so much longer to land men on the Moon the seventh time than it supposedly
did the first 6 times?  No program like this has been started in the
intervening years, nor are there any programs planned or underway to ever
land men on the Moon in the future.

**In 1989 Bush, in spite of a failure to initiate a manned lunar landing

program, directed NASA to land men on Mars (which, at its closest approach,
is over 140 times as far away as the Moon) by 2019.  The program was to
cost $400 billion over the next 30 years, an average of over $13 billion
per year.  During the next 7 years almost no progress was made toward this
goal.  In 1996, Clinton canceled Bush’s manned Mars landing program,
announcing that future U.S. manned spaceflight operations would be limited
to Shuttle orbital flights and helping to orbit, assemble and operate the
international space station.  Today there are no plans by any nation to
ever land men on the Moon or Mars in the future.


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2003, 08:34:28 PM »

I have seen these books and tv specials.  Some of the facts are interesting but I still do believe that we went to the moon.  BTW, you need to add some other options to your poll :)


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2003, 08:35:56 PM »

I know... No matter what I did it diddn't work right...Oh well


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2003, 08:40:58 PM »

I think there was a thread about this already awhile back, i'll try to dig it up.


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2003, 08:41:34 PM »

Way too much reading... Didn't they have a special on FOX a couple years ago?


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2003, 08:52:30 PM »

that was intresting...  i didn't believe it before i read that and i still dont :P


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #6 on: June 10, 2003, 08:52:50 PM »

if we didnt go to the moon, how do we know it is made of cheese?


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #7 on: June 10, 2003, 08:54:31 PM »

Quote from: AzNPrideBoy
Way too much reading... Didn't they have a special on FOX a couple years ago?

wasnt actually a couple years ago, maybe A year ago or a tad bit longer then that.

Anyways I don't believe they went to the moon. I don't believe a word that comes out of any american governmental organization
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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #8 on: June 10, 2003, 08:56:24 PM »

I think this proves how if you do enough research you can argue any point, no matter how ridiculous it is.  I'm certain that if we investigate enough "strange circumstances" a person could provide "proof" that the pope is actually an alien.  Conspiracy theories bore me.


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Read This...Tell me what you think...
« Reply #9 on: June 10, 2003, 10:33:37 PM »

although these points are interesting, i dont think it was faked...

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